What have i been up to lately?

It’s so annoying when people are forever asking “what have you been up to?”, even when you haven’t seen people for years and they ask you, you literally cannot think what you have spent your past 5 years doing. And the line that usually follows “not a lot”. So i’m going to try and make some effort to post every month with a summary of what i have done, no matter how small, because it’s pretty discouraging to feel like you have been doing nothing and wasting your time.

What did i do in February?

  • Really honed my skills in photography, put myself out there more and started to make more progress in my business.
  • Mom’ed like a boss.
  • Clipped the rabbits’ nails, both of em.
  • Made a conscious effort to keep up with my correspondence. Instead of complaining about how friends never get in touch, i made the effort to get in touch and feel all the more happy and less isolated in doing so.
  • Made MAMMOTH deposits into our savings for our xmas 2018 England trip.
  • Finished watching Gossip Girl on Netflix.
  • Got invited to some weddings (the next few months are going to be so much fun and fanciness!)
  • Came off the pill (because hello it messes with your hormones on a level that so is not worth it – i’ll write a post about this when i start to see everything get back to how it should be!)
  • Made a huge wishlist on Asos, hehe.

A lot of these things are just small, but they are standing out to me right now as things i have achieved last month and so i have included them, they are all important on some level.

This month, i hope this list will have increased way more.

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