Alternative names for your ‘glasses’

Seen as my alternative ways to refer to your friends post went down so well, i have decided to offer you some more unique ways to refer to your glasses, because lets face it wearing glasses is far from a unique thing, what’s more unique is having 20/20 vision (those bastards! – shakes fist). So, here are some ways to colorize your boring blurry life, and also make life less confusing when you lose your glasses in a bar (“where’s my glasses” “go home Larry you’re drunk, your glass is right in front of you”):



Print Enlargers

Thick Boys (for those of you who require a thicker lens)

Big Viewers

Window Boxes

View Enhancers



Whiteboard Wonders (cos ya know, trying to read the whiteboard in school without them was a bitch)

Magic Eyes

Microscopes of the World

If you have anymore, please drop them in the comments. My vision-impaired compatriots, lets help one another widen our spectacular (see what i did there?) glasses vocabulary.


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